Pan London Nursing Trauma Conference

15th November 2019 | London, U.K.

Galen's Penthrox team are attending the 2019 Pan London Nursing Trauma Conference, being held in Emirates Stadium, London. 

About Pan London Nursing Trauma Conference: 

The Pan London Trauma Nursing Conference brings another exciting opportunity for any nurses involved in the care of trauma patients in London to share wisdom and experience. Building on the successes of previous conferences the team are bringing together an exciting new programme and format that will encourage discussion, the sharing of ideas and networking. 

Through interactive case reviews and presentations, 450 nurses will come together to establish 'what outstanding nursing care looks like' in each case. Emulating ideas from elite sport, the conference aims to define the highest possible standards in performance for our nursing teams in delivering care to those who are injured. The conference is targeted at nurses who work in trauma units or major trauma centres, those who have extensive or minimal involvement in trauma as part of their routine practice, and will explore how we define gold standard care in any nursing setting. 

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