POA Pharma announces expansion into Austria, deepening its inborn metabolic disease footprint in Europe

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POA Pharma Scandinavia AB, a speciality pharmaceutical company with expertise across multiple therapeutic areas, has today announced the launch of PKU Easy Microtabs Plus in Austria.

This marks the latest milestone for POA Pharma, as it continues to expand its European footprint in the inborn metabolic disease (IMD) market, after launching the product in Germany and the Nordic region in October 2023.

PKU Easy Microtabs Plus is a nutritional supplement for people living with the rare metabolic condition, Phenylketonuria (PKU).

Affecting 1 in 10,000 newborns in Europe [i], PKU prevents the breakdown of the amino acid phenylalanine. If left untreated or inadequately managed, it can cause severe intellectual disability, epilepsy and behavioural problems.

PKU Easy Microtabs Plus provides a ready-to-use phenylalanine-free protein substitute in micro tablet form, enriched with (‘plus’) vitamins and minerals, which replaces the requirement for a separate vitamin and minerals supplement. With its unique composition that ensures the slow release of amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract, people living with PKU in Austria now have a convenient and more manageable product option, compared to others on the market currently.

Speaking on the company’s announcement, President and Managing Director of Galen Limited, Dr Dennise Broderick said:

“POA Pharma is part of the wider Galen family, and together, our purpose is to be of extraordinary service to our patients, healthcare professionals and partners. We are therefore delighted to bring this convenient and manageable nutritional supplement to more people across Europe.  

Johnny McGaughey, Galen Limited’s Head of Business Development commented: This is an exciting time of growth for us, forming part of our strategic global growth plan. Our focus now is to rollout the product to other global regions within the next 18 months, working alongside our partners, to ultimately benefit more people living with PKU across the world.

Through this latest expansion, we welcome new partnership opportunities and look forward to establishing successful collaborations in this region”.


Notes to editors

About POA Pharma 

Based in Copenhagen, POA Pharma Scandinavia AB, the parent company of POA Pharma GmbH, works every day to be of value to patients with inborn metabolic diseases (IMDs) and to their caregivers, offering POA products for Phenylketonuria (PKU) as well as for several other IMDs, which are currently available in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and the USA.

POA Pharma is part of Galen Limited, a privately owned company established in 1968, with global headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, and commercial operations based in the UK, Ireland, the Nordics, Europe, and the USA. With global partners in every continent, we are positioned to distribute products worldwide.

Galen Limited was founded in Northern Ireland by the late Sir Allen McClay (d. 2010), the revered philanthropist and entrepreneur, and has since become the proud founding member of the Almac Group.

With 7000+ employees and 18 facilities globally, the Almac Group is now owned by the McClay Foundation, whose overarching aim is to make a meaningful improvement and advancement in human health.


[i] van Wegberg, A.M.J. et al. (2017) The complete European guidelines on phenylketonuria: Diagnosis and treatment - orphanet journal of rare diseases, BioMed Central. Available at: https://ojrd.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13023-017-0685-2 (Accessed: 22 May 2024).

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